30 Apr 2015
Sailing - Week 3

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Rigging the boat All smiles Heading in for the night

Another bright but cool and gusty night greeted the pupils. 6 Teras were quickly rigged (with 2 turns in the reefed sail) and on the water and mostly working in pairs the sailors attempted to complete a figure of 8 circuit around 2 buoys about 100m apart. Josh, who has sailed a bit before went out on his own and soon got the feel of the Tera. All boats managed to sail up and down the course, although not necessarily rounding the marks, and with the exception of 1 short capsize, dealt with the wind well. The main challenge of sailing at the right angle to the wind and the adjustment of the mainsheet to control the sail is beginning to make sense for most. The control of the tiller and extension is still an issue and so is avoiding a bang on the head from the boom for some. Hopefully with some gentler winds the next couple of weeks should see all students sailing their own boat, then we will see who has been listening!